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How much CDW and TP insurance for cars under 10 000 euros

As most Romanians know price matters in our country at a rate of over 50% when you purchase a car.
Chevrolet Aveo Sedan 1.2 Base ABS

DDP Price: 9820 euro
CIP Price: 7919 euro

RCA: 135.30 EUR
Hull: 502.02 EUR

RCA + Hull: 637.31 EUR

Fiat Panda Classic 1.2 liter 69 HP Basic

DDP Price: 9300 euro
CIP price: 7,500 euros

RCA: 135.30 EUR
Hull: 502.02 EUR

RCA + Hull: 637.31 EUR

Hyundai i10 facelift 1.1 69 HP Economy

DDP Price: 9610 euro
CIP Price: 7750 euro

RCA: 138.53 EUR
Hull: 475.58 EUR

RCA + Hull: 614.11 EUR

ECB keeps key interest rate at record low of 0.75%

European Central Bank (ECB) maintained on Thursday monetary policy interest rate at record low of 0.75%, in line with analysts' estimates.
Businessmen waiting for the press conference of ECB President, Mario Draghi, and the announcement of new economic forecasts for the euro area.

Draghi could offer some clues on bank policy next year, in the context of expectations that the new estimates to mark a worsening economic outlook.

ECB lowered the key rate in early July by 0.25 percentage points, from 1% to 0.75% and the deposit rate reduced to zero, both indicators reaching historic lows, writes AFP .

Romans did not have money for pork at Christmas mass

Pork consumption will decrease by 15-20%, Christmas, due to reduced purchasing power.

Pork price is higher by 25% over December last year due to higher prices of feed, reduce purchasing power will lead to a decrease in consumption, Christmas, 15-20%, according to the Association of Meat Producers Pork in Romania.

"The cost of feed increased by 65% last year, utilities and they were more expensive and therefore, pork is more expensive now, in December, with about 25% compared to December last year," he told AFP John Ladosi, president of the Association of Pork Producers in Romania.
He says that the price of pork arrived in the past two weeks to 6.8 lei per kilogram in live from £ 6.5 a month ago.

"We expect that due to the price increase purchasing power and lower consumption of pork for Christmas to fall by 15-20%. Since our data consumption decreased during the whole year," said Ladosi.


The number of unemployed increased by 20,173 in November compared to October

The unemployment rate in November was 5.40 percent of the 476,321 registered unemployed.

Were registered 20,173 more unemployed than in October, informs on Thursday, the National Agency for Employment (NAE).

The unemployment rate in November was higher by 0.23 percentage points compared to October and by 0.35 percentage points compared to November 2011, the NEA said in a press release. The unemployment rate decreased by 0.11 percentage points Iasi and Bucharest, by 0.01 percentage points.

The highest levels of unemployment were counties met in Virginia (9.99 percent), Vaslui (9.91 percent), Dolj (9.56 percent), Mehedinti (9.54 percent), Galati ( 8.69 percent), Buzau (8.14 percent), Olt (7.82 percent) and Covasna (7.75 percent).

Male unemployment rate increased from 5.42 percent in October from 5.72 percent in November, and the female unemployment rate increased from four, 89 percent to 5.03 percent.

Of the total number of unemployed, 89,002 were under 25, 36,301 were between 25 and 30 years, 106,974 were between 31 and 40, 122,522 were between 41 and 50 years, 58,034 were between 51 and 55 years, and 63,488 after 55 years.

Government notifies DNA for irregularities in the highways Nadlac-Arad-Sibiu Orastie

The Government will notify the National Anticorruption Directorate irregularity is due to award of works to autobahns and Orastie Nadlac-Arad-Sibiu, said chairman of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, Dan Vladescu.

After three weeks, the government presented the findings of a report Premier Body Control showing that the construction of roads and highways are delayed as construction companies do not have sufficient personnel and equipment, as contracts and work simultaneously on multiple sites.

Checks were conducted at the National Company of Motorways and National Roads, to identify the causes delays in execution of road infrastructure in progress, as verified period 1 January 2007 to 31 august 2012.

CNADNR recently terminated the contract for building the first section of Nadlac-Arad highway, mostly because of delayed works.

Also, CNADNR announced it will resume in January auction for the first section of Nadlac-Arad highway after termination of the association led by Romstrade company, owned by businessman Nelu Iordache, and estimated that the second section will be completed on time, respectively in April 2013.

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Banana War, started 20 years ago, has ended

An international commercial dispute because bananas, which last for 20 years, was in sfarist, done.

European Union and ten Latin American countries signed an agreement to end, formally, eight disputes handled by the World Trade Organization (WTO), reports BBC News.

WTO chief Pascal Lamy said the agreement is "truly a historic moment."

Understanding now comes after, in December 2009, the European Union agreed to gradually reduce tariffs on bananas from Latin America.

Exporters from Latin American countries protested over time from high tariffs imposed by the EU, so that smaller producers are protected from the former European colonies in Africa and the Caribbean.

"After many changes of situation, these complicated and contentious disputes in the political can be finally completed," said Lamy.

Understanding of 2009 provides that EU banelele reduce tariffs in Latin America from 176 euros per tonne to 114 euros per tonne, over a period of eight years.

At Cernavoda 2 reactor, restarted - find out why it stopped one

Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 was restarted Friday morning after, after two days, the National Company Nuclearelectrica announced its downtime.

According to a press release Nuclearelectrica Unit 2 shutdown was caused by the erroneous acquisition by the plant process computer data entry to be entered into the computer periodically as routine activity.

The problem was repaired so that the unit currently works stable power.

"Nuclear safety personnel, population and environment was not affected at any time, all systems functioning as designed. Unplanned Despite this short stops, Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 remains in expected performance parameters for this year, so consumers will get Unit 2 record capacity factor (about 98%) since the beginning of commercial operation in 2007. Unit no. 2 remains therefore a central top global nuclear industry, "reads the communiqué Nuclearelectrica.

National Company Nuclearelectrica announced unplanned shutdown of Unit 2 of Cernavoda NPP Wednesday at 11.30. Unit automatically stopped due to unexpected triggering an automatic shutdown.

Minister of Finance: The new agreement with the IMF, spoke in January, approved in February

IMF assessment will return to Bucharest in mid-January, when the agreement will last analysis is ongoing and will negotiate the terms of the new agreement, which will most likely be approved in February, said the Finance Minister Florin Georgescu .

"The current agreement concluded in January and probably in February we will have a new agreement with the IMF, European Commission and World Bank. This new agreement will ensure accountability of all stakeholders," said Georgescu in Bucharest Forum, organized by the Aspen Institute Romania .

Subsequently, the Finance Minister said that the IMF mission will return to Bucharest on or around January 15, when it is clear that the budget is finalized next year, regardless of who will form the new government.

Florin Georgescu explained that depending on the outcome of the mission in January will go to Washington and the parameters of the new agreement, which would be approved in the IMF board in the second half of February.

The agreement with the IMF last spring was to be completed in March 2013 and the closing of anticipated suggests that the next deal will be taken by the Romanian majority unfulfilled conditions, mainly on structural reforms, especially privatization program and input private management.

A team of IMF experts led by Fund mission chief in Romania, Erik of Vrijer, was in Bucharest on November 6 to 14 for talks with the Romanian authorities on recent economic developments, economic outlook, fiscal and monetary policies and structural reforms.

President Traian Basescu said on Thursday at the start of the meeting with the delegation of the IMF, European Commission and World Bank, as discussed with Prime Minister Victor Ponta and BNR governor Mugur Isarescu and decided to sign a new agreement with the IMF for "another year or two" .

Amid parliamentary elections will take place on December 9, the seventh review of the program agreed with the IMF stand-by agreement was delayed.

What do Romans about the chances of finding a job

Nearly 70% of Romanians believe that now is very hard to find a job, mostly considering that there are very few options in choosing a job, the study Reveal Marketing Research, published in the Karnataka Forum.

According to the research, 68.2% of Romanians have a negative perception about employment opportunities currently existing in the labor market.

Findings are part of ConfidenceIndex report released Thursday by the Delhi Forum and Reveal Marketing Research.

ConfidenceIndex is, according to the filmmakers, a complex report that measures the current degree of confidence of the Romans and their expectations about the economic situation, current employment conditions in the labor market and the economic situation of their household.

Also, it is a monthly report that is based on an analysis of the indicators mentioned above and provides additional information about the perception, attitude and future purchase intention of consumers in different market areas.

The study shows that although Romania has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, with an average of 7.1% in the first nine months of this year, respondents appreciate, however, that there are few jobs.

According to research, less than 10% of Romanians (8.9%) are satisfied with the number of jobs available.

Regarding the evolution of the labor market in the next three months, the Romans seem to be more optimistic: 11.2% of them considers an increase in the supply of jobs, the same study shows.

"Roman perception of the current situation of employment reflects, in fact, a lack of confidence in improving the economic situation in its entirety. ConfidenceIndex What we show is that labor market options available to consumers is an important aspect by which they evaluate and perceive their country's future, "says Marius Luican, general manager Reveal Marketing Research.

ConfidenceIndex data collection was conducted between October 29 to 31, on a sample of 1,200 people aged 18 or over, representative urban and rural. The study will be conducted monthly, totaling 14,400 respondents annually. Calculated margin of error is + / - 2.84%.

Obama's first speech after the election: wealthy Americans should pay higher taxes

U.S. President held Friday first speech after the election, in which he argued that the rich have to pay slightly higher taxes.

He said he would not accept any compromise which implies that the wealthy should not be taxed more.

"This measure was very important campaign and I think most Americans agrees with my approach," said Obama, according to Huffington Post.

"We can not just cut costs to return to prosperity. If you really want deficit reduction requires new methods," said the U.S. president.

Obama has a "difficult mission next year, it will reach the top tax, including tax increases and spending cuts worth U.S. $ 7 trillion over the next ten years.

In addition, the limit on federal borrowing would be increased early next year from the current level of 16.394 trillion dollars.

If you have just left, top tax would lead to the largest increase in the budget deficit in a single year from 1969 to date, 500 billion dollars will be taken out of the economy.

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